What is Undermyfork Care?

Undermyfork Care (care.undermyfork.com) is a free tool for doctors, diabetes educators, and caregivers that allows you to see meal and glucose diaries and insights shared from Undermyfork app.

What are the Red, Amber, Green color tabs?

Undermyfork combines meal entries with CGM data and analyzes 2-hour postprandial Time-in-Range. Each meal is then assigned a color code: green for 70-100%, amber for 41-70%, red for 0-40% of time spent in range within 2 hours after the meal. In other words, color is an easy way to outline the meals that may need attention and correction of diabetes management.

I know someone with diabetes, how can I follow them on Undermyfork Care?

If a person is already using Undermyfork, ask them to send you an invite link from the app. If not, invite them to install the app and start sharing the data with you. Currently Undermyfork can sync glucose data from Dexcom, Nightscout, and from any devices and apps that write glucose data to Apple Health .

How many people can I follow on Undermyfork Care?

You can add as many people to follow as you like.

I use Undermyfork app. How do I invite someone to follow me on Undermyfork Care?

1. Sign in or create your account in Undermyfork app.

2. Enable ‘Undermyfork Cloud’ in ‘Settings’.

3. Tap ‘Share your profile’ on the app's menu, get an invite link and forward it to the person you want to share with.

4. After registering in Undermyfork Care with your link they will be able to follow your diary online.

I use Undermyfork app. Can I use Undermyfork Care to access my own data on my laptop?

Yes. To do that, sign in or create an account in Undermyfork app, enable ‘Undermyfork Cloud’ in ‘Settings’ and log in with the same credentials on care.undermyfork.com